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How do you know if quitting your job is right for you?

How to know if quitting your job is right for you. Whether you should just do it and follow your gut, or think analytically about whether it's a good choice.

Family Travel

Hey Jason! What is your ideal 1-year trip with your family? I'd love to hear what plans you have in store post-COVID or what you're dreaming up.

Should I travel when I'm In Debt?

Would love to hear about knocking out debt while you travel. Do you have any resources or advice?

Not sure what to do with the link

Hi there! I just signed up for your premium passport - I really enjoy your podcast. You wrote to download a link (RSS feed) where we get our podcast feed. - maybe I misread or don’t understand. So I’m not sure what I’m suppose to do with this link. I use apple podcast Thanks ! Sara

Less joy in travel?

Do you find that your enjoyment of travel decreases over time? I am referring to the treadmill problem people have with purchases they make.