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Telehealth Jobs

Hey Jason! I've been fairly certain that I want to be a therapist and a traveler since I was a teenager, but up until this pandemic I thought these would be mutually exclusive. I always assumed I would be a slave to the PTO, taking yearly trips to satiate myself. Since the pandemic, I've realized that maybe I could be a therapist from anywhere. Maybe I could be a therapist AND a traveler. Do you know anyone who has done this? I would love to hear an episode on nomadic mental health professionals or something similar, but I understand if the margin of interest is too niche! Any feedback you have would be helpful.

Secured storage in an RV/tow vehicle

So now I have my RV and tow vehicle, I am wondering about storing things like computers securely. It does not make sense to carry it everywhere with you, but lets face it, an RV door lock is going to be pretty easy to force, when the owner is not on site. This is not something I see addressed very well on some RV sites. Suggestions?

Two questions regarding podcasts

1) Can you explain your recording process? Specifically interested in the softwares used for recording and editing. 2) If you have experience with group scheduling, what is the best way to go about this? ie, scheduling multiple specific people into time slots. Thanks!!

Wanted: quick and dirty songwriting tip

I want to write 12 songs that are the most commercially accessible, least objectional (offensive) to the greatest number of people. (Kenny Rogers said he wrote songs with this goal in mind.) With all of your musical experience, any tip on how to go about this? (Singing your praise in advance for answering the question, will consider giving you co-writing credit.) ----Herald

Jason, how I you so gosh darn cute!?

Ok that's not my question. hmm, I don't have any questions. I already asked you all of them over the past several months!!! Ok, here's a lame technical one. Any chance supercast will eventually work with Spotify? Cause that's my goto podcast app. Or does it and I just didn't see it?