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Starting a Life as a Digital Nomad.

Greetings Jason, First off, I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to your podcast. It has been so fun to listen to, not to mention a great resource. Anyways, I apologize if this question has been asked before. I am currently enrolled in college for a bachelor's in history and taking my TEFL course(Teaching English as a Foreign Language). I was wondering what jobs might be available for someone such as me in the remote working world? And/ Or what resources might I find to discover such jobs? I understand this is asking a lot, but I thought why not take a shot in the dark. I eventually want to use my schooling to teach abroad., but finding something to make some money while studying abroad would be awesome. Anything you can offer would be delightful. Looking forward to your next podcast, Thank you, Jason. -Zach

Europe backpacking

Hey Jason, I found your podcast a few weeks ago and have been listening to it everyday since, and I love it! You inspired me to finally commit to a 3 month backpacking trip through Europe. This has a dream of mine for a very long time and I’m currently booking flights. As a 19 year old from Australia traveling alone for the first time, I am a bit nervous. So I would love to get some tips on backpacking through Europe and some good cheap places to go. My main interests in this trip would be beautiful scenery, hiking trails, food (and good coffee of course!), and great nightlife. I’m planning on arriving early July and then heading back home around late September/early October. I know it’s very expensive, but my dream is to go to Norway and see the northern lights! Who knows I might even see you there hahaha.

Hawaii tips?

Hey Jason, I just listened to your winter destinations episodes and I was so happy to hear that Hawaii was on the list given that I'm going to the big island soon! I'm having trouble booking a rental car for under $1K for just a week! I'm also having a hard time making an itinerary since there are so many expensive things to do on the island. Do you have any tips? Best, Kait xoxo

Telehealth Jobs

Hey Jason! I've been fairly certain that I want to be a therapist and a traveler since I was a teenager, but up until this pandemic I thought these would be mutually exclusive. I always assumed I would be a slave to the PTO, taking yearly trips to satiate myself. Since the pandemic, I've realized that maybe I could be a therapist from anywhere. Maybe I could be a therapist AND a traveler. Do you know anyone who has done this? I would love to hear an episode on nomadic mental health professionals or something similar, but I understand if the margin of interest is too niche! Any feedback you have would be helpful.

Two questions regarding podcasts

1) Can you explain your recording process? Specifically interested in the softwares used for recording and editing. 2) If you have experience with group scheduling, what is the best way to go about this? ie, scheduling multiple specific people into time slots. Thanks!!